Interview with Sabathan,Dawn Of Crucifixion (BE)

Well,I don't think this individual needs an introduction.As being the former frontman and face of the Belgian extreme Satanic BM band Enthroned.
Lord Sabathan agreed to do this interview with Moonspell Rites Promotions.

Hails,Sabathan!And welcome to the humble Moonspell Rites Promotions dungeon.
For the readers never heard about you before(which i highly doubt)please introduce yourselves to them.

Hi Dan first of all thanx for the support you give me by this interview.

I’m SABATHAN remaining former member of the Belgian Black Metal band ENTHRONED, from 1993 until my (unlogical) eviction in October 2006.
You say that you doubt about people who never heard about me, but believe there is...not many Black Metal fans of the last generation knows who I am hehehe.

As you have been in the scene for so long already,and played in the past in Enthroned for so many years (13 years i believe?).Where did it all begun you decidet to play BM in the first place and how did you hook up with others with same idea and interests.Was it difficult finding others who also wanted to start a BM band since this style of metal wasnt the most popular one back then.What bands did and still do you worship which you grew up with listening to.

Yes you’re right 13 years ago I started ENTHRONED with my best friend Cernunnos (first enthroned drummer who died by his own hands in 1997), on the ashes of BLASPHEREION and MORBID DEATH we decided to restart playing together after having separated for 3 years each ones in our own was stronger than all for us to play back together as we knew each others as well as friends than musicians since 1986.
We were strong BATHORY, VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SARCOPHAGO fans, that’s why we wanted to perform that dark and gloomy kind who also fit totally worth our Satanic convictions.

At that time Black Metal was still very underground and not so popular, just a few bands existed such as MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, EMPEROR, IMMORTAL and IMPALED NAZARENE, to name the most populars and a few underground ones like PROFANATICA, BLASPHEMY and BEHERIT.
We both (Cernunnos and myself) grew up into VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE, HELLHAMMER, and Cernunnos had already a Black metal band before MORBID DEATH (1986-1990) called BONEBREAKER (1985), so for us it was obvious....something natural coming from our twisted Satanic brains to perform Black Metal...I still worship the style nowadays, but only the ones who have the true flame and spirit of these glorious times (80’s and early 90’s)

I don’t like this new generation of Orthodox or National Socialist has nothing to do with Black Metal for me...Black Metal is Satan, Sex, Beers, Sluts and the dark side of existence !!!!

~Enthroned anno 1994~

Fans don't know you better than handling the bass guitar.For how many years are you playing the bass already and how come why choosing this instrument.What brand was actually your first?And what is your all-time favorite brand to actually play.

I play Bass Guitar since I joined MORBID DEATH asked by Cernunnos in 1987...I’ve always been totally dedicated to this instrument, love the growling thunder sound of this.
I think it can be back when I’ve seen at TV in the 70’s John Entwistle from THE WHO playing and then shortly after Geddy Lee from RUSH...those guys make me fell in love with Bass Guitar, then in the early 80’s I discovered IRON MAIDEN and the incredible Steve Harris....for me it was significative...and it goes on !!!
What's your favorite brand or you wish you could possess?And who were your idols as you started playing this instrument learning some skills from?

Actually I play on a RICKENBACKER E-4003, because the sound of this incredible instrument fits totally in the kind of Metal I practise now with my new bands, but i still also play on my IBANEZ X-Series 1984, the red one popular when I was in ENTHRONED and my BC RICH WARLOCK from 1990 also well known on the old ENTHRONED live pictures.

About my favourite Bass Players they are GEDDY LEE (Rush), JOHN ENTWISTLE (The Who), STEVE HARRIS (Iron Maiden), CLIFF BURTON (Metallica) name a few....
I believe Morbid Death was the first band you ever played in with back then Cernunnos and eventually turned into Enthroned.Why the change of bandname and style though i always thought Morbid Death always had this sort of thrashy influenced basics,where change of bandname took it over and developed.On some of the past releases Enthroned used to do a song of Morbid Death 'Satan Never Sleeps' from the album 'Regie Sathanas' for
example.Eventhough this album was a tribute to Cernunnos,never thought of a continuation of this band's name rather than Dawn Of Crucifixion?

Well, MORBID DEATH was the first band I played in, it has been formed by Cernunnos back in 1986, and then we’ve released together 2 demos (Demoniac in 1988 and Diabolic Force in 1989).

Due to some financial problems back in 1990 and the fact that I left school for looking for a job, i’ve been obliged to stop music for a while, I couldn’t continue due to a lack of money and had to find a job, getting money for buy new material to continue performing.

So Cernunnos continued without me and MORBID DEATH have signed his first deal with OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS back in 1991 and this last asked Cernunnos the change the name of his band due to the fact that there were to many bands name with « Morbid » (Morbid Angel by exemple who was in total ascention at this time), so Cernunnos changed the name of MORBID DEATH in BLASPHEREION and recorded their first album « R.I.P » in 1991.

After a line-up change they recorded back a demo in 1993 and then split-up...ands a few months later Cernunnos contacted me to form a new band, he wanted to play back with me like in MORBID DEATH time, so we started rehearsing back together in December 1993, the osmose was perfect between in 1987...a guitarist joined cause we couldn't find any good drummer, so Cernunnos took place behind the drumkit, and TSEBAOTH joined as Guitarist...and ENTHRONED was born.

Yeah we recorded with ENTHRONED two MORBID DEATH songs in the memory of Cernunnos.
But DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION have nothing to do with MORBID DEATH neither ENTHRONED as this is not me who formed this band, neither not any ex or actual ENTHRONED or MORBID DEATH members. I joined them as bass player in October 2008, cause I’ve heard their rehearsing material at a friend place and knew they were searching for a Bass as at that time I was totaly inactive in the scene and was looking to reform a band, without any success due to a lack of good and dedicated musicians, so I propose them to join and show them my interest.
Are you proud with what the Belgian BM scene stands for nowadays?

There’s not so many bands that I know...I’m still stuck to the old Belgian stuff like ACID, OSTROGOTH, THUNDERFIRE, SHELLSCHOCK, CROSSFIRE...but of course it’s not Black Metal stuffs...I also still listen a lot the old ANCIENT RITES stuff.
Considert as one of my personal all-time favorite albums.
Enthroned's 'Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan' can be seen as a milestone in the BM history.Do you look at it the same way,Or do you think maybe an other album was to be the bands actual breakthrough in the international scene.

Yes, I’m agree with you for this, I always wanted and had the material composed by myself, to released a album in the vein of 'Skullthrone..', an that’s what is was supposed to be done if I had not to leave the band…the 7th enthroned album was supposed to be titled « the seventh Sword of Ninnagesh » and not « Tetra Karcist », and it was supposed to be a « Skullthrone » part II, but in 2005, Nornagest and myself were totaly opposed persons and the project failed and I left in 2006.

I could also mention « Carnage in Worlds Beyond » as the other album actual breakthrough from Enthroned…this one is also my top in the whole discography of the band.

Cronos of Venom also contributed some backing vocals on the album with the track 'Hertogenwald'.Please tell us how that went.Did he entered the band asking if he could do a song with Enthroned?

No, it was Nornagest who contacted him, and he has done and recorded the backing, following our instructions, from his own studio there in Newcastle in UK.

In 2005 the first official Enthroned live album ever'Black Goat Ritual-Live InThy Flesh'was released,and contained live recordings of a gig from a South American tour back in 2004,it eventually was also the last album with you in the line-up.How do you look back on that tour,and how did you experienced it.
Can the fans in South America expect you back overthere on stage with Dawn Of Crucifixion?

It was the best tour I ever made in my life, this South American tour, and it was also the last tour I made, since that time (September 2004) I had not the opportunity to tour anymore, and I really miss playing on different stages through the world, and meeting different people, metalheads from other cultures. The problem is I don’t know if I will ever have again this opportunity with D.o.C or HORACLE as the bands I even still not signed and have any albums.

When I’m looking back at this tour, only great moments are filling my head, but also, the first serious tensions and disagreements between me and Nornagest, it was the beggining of the end of our collaboration already.

I don’t know if the South American maniacs expect me back or not, cause I think D.o.C. is totaly unknown there, that’s logical, we’re not signed and have just 350 demo tapes spread around Europe basically.

You know that most of the people nowadays still think that I stopped my musical career and don’t play in any bands anymore, they don’t know what I become nowadays, and the new generation of Metal fans doesn’t even know who I am and what I’ve been !!!

Listening to the live album i could make out South America has some crazy MF's overthere!
To be honest i actually was surprised BM was to be that popular on that side of the world.Ever expected the fans would be so enthousiastic?

Yes, because South American Metal fans are totally dedicated to Metal and doesn’t care about the trends like most of the Metal fans here in Europe, they are truly dedicated to the underground Metal and live it with the total devotion in their blood, is a way of life for them, here in Europe many of them follow the trends and what the medias brainwashing spread with their big commercial bullshit !!!!

You're active in Dawn Of Crucifixion (old-school black/thrash)right now.Since it was very reckonizable in the past with Enthroned you got inspired with this style of music like for example covering the Sodom track 'The Conqueror',and eventually performed it live on stage as well.

Yes, THRASH METAL has always been my fave music as well with HEAVY METAL, but I consider BLACK METAL in the same way, and DEATH METAL as well…I still think and have the convictions of the 80’s Metalheads, as it was my roots and my generation, when I use to play in MORBID DEATH in 1987, there were no frontiers and differences between by exemple VENOM, DARK ANGEL, SLAYER, BATHORY, or even old Hardcore stuffs like D.R.I., WEHRMACHT, ATTITUDE, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, even more punky stuffs such as DISCHARGE, G.B.H. or the mighty GG ALLIN (we cover « Bite It you Scum » with D.o.C.), THRASH METALHEADS, BLACK METAL, DEATH METAL and PUNKS was a united world, I regret that nowadays, everything is separated and quarrel, that’s pathetic.

BLACK METAL was at this time as well supported by Punks, than by Heavy Metalheads and Thrashers, we’re all recognisable to a identity of extreme music style, as well a « out of conformity » way of thinking and life !!! That’s how I’m still and how I will ever be !!!

DoC~Promo '09~

What other styles/bands in Metal do you like more. Are there maybe any plans to do something with that particular style in the near future?

Wooww, many different stuff, like I said it up and it’s not a secret for anybody anymore that I’m also a huge HEAVY METAL maniac, as well DEATH METAL, THRASH METAL, POWER METAL, GLAM ROCK, but also old 80’s PUNK, and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, and also some much more old stuffs like 70’s ROCK and even 60’s ROCK (Pink Floyd, Rush, The Who, Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Coven…) All which is good to hear, to listen, all bands wich have a good feeling and good convictions in their art !!!

I don’t know in the near future, I’m so busy with D.o.C and HORACLE actually that I want to drive those projects and take care of them at the best possible, let’see later…I really don’t know what the future reserve me.

It must have been a great feeling for you starting with this whole new band all together.
How did Dawn Of Crucifixion came together?Who are the the musicians filling the rest of the line-up and do we known them from other bands?

Yes, for me it was a new start in my life, a kind of « back to the roots » that I really appreciate a lot, back to demo tapes, unsigned band, restarting at zero point after having had a well deserved break of two years time to solve all my personal problems.

I joined them in October 2008 and they was formed since June 2008 as a GG ALLIN cover band, it’s V.VIRIAKH (Vocalist) and S.RAZORCUNT (guitarist) who started D.o.C in june 2008 under the name of « CHATTE » who means « PUSSY » in French, it was until I joined them just a band for fun, playing GG ALLIN stuff without any drummers, just a drum machine and no bass player.

I was to a friend place one evening of September 2008, drinking beers and listening music, and he told me, hey you’re looking for a band, here’s some friends of mine a doing this and they’s looking for a bass player, so he open his computer and make me listen « Beer, Tits and Cunts for Satan »
which was the very first and only track composed by the pre-D.o.C., I was really looking for a band I that time, missing playing bass guitar and didn’t found any serious people to reform a Black Metal band. I enjoyed what I heard a lot, reminding me old Venom stuffs mixed with Motörhead, so I called them and has been invited for a audition.

After the audition they decided to engage me as their official Bass player and backing Vocalist, and then I brang my first own compos to them since I left enthroned « Hail Judas » they liked it a lot, and we started to work seriously on the first demo which is out now.

Also I suggest them to change the name of the band, cause « CHATTE » sounding too Punky and as we performed lyricaly together with our convictions in the BLACK/THRASH way so I arrive and suggest with the name DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION, we all opted for it.
DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION was born and finally had a real line-up and real goals and was not a « just for fun » band anymore, but we still missed in drummer to complete the line-up, first I suggest my ex-drummer Phil who perform with me in HORACLE in the past but he wasn’t interested and a few weeks later I met J.CHRISTGUNNER in a MORBID ANGEL show in Antwerpen, he was at the time drummer in CEREBRAL DOMINATION a Brutal Death Metal band from Huy (Belgium), and I asked him and invited him to join D.o.C., he came to listen one of our rehearsals and directly accepted our offer…so DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION line-up was complete and started working seriously on material for the first demo in January 2009.
Now since July 2010, a second guitarist joined D.o.C. to reinforce the line-up, his name is I.CHAINSAW.
What direction are you guys intent to go with this band.Is there any kind of material released yet?
Who's responsible for the music and the lyrics?Or is it really a band gathering.

The direction…still the same…Black/Thrash Attack with Perversity and Violence driving the whole concept, the material released now is the 5 tracks demo-tape and a split 7 inch EP also just released with EXCRUCIATE 666 from France, including 2 tracks, we’re now working on new material for a eventual first full lenght album in the future.
We’re all responsible for music, we all bring gour ideas of compositions.
About the lyrics, I wrote some of them like « March to Annihilation » but is mostly V.VIRIAKH the singer who does it.

I know an ep is coming up.Can you please tell us more about that recording?Where was it actually recorded,and when can we expect a full-length?

The 7 inch EP is just out since August, through KAOS PRODUCTIONS (France), and it has been made in collaboration with EXCRUCIATE 666 a Brutal Black Metal band from the North of France, two tracks has been recorded « ASS GOAT » and « BELIAL REX IMPERATOR » this last one show a real evolution and the way we will follow for our future compositions.

The 7 inch EP was recorded at the same place than our demo tape, at the Blackout Multimedia Studio in Brussels.
About the Full-Lenght album, I don’t know when you can expect it as we’re still unsigned and can’t afford the costs for release it as a self produce.

Do you already have a label in mind worthy enough releasing the material?
No…not at all…let’s see what the labels will propose us and what the interest we’ll have to them !!!
Has Dawn Of Crucifixion done live gigs already?And how was the response of the audience?

Yes, we’ve already done many live gigs, specialy in Belgium and France, still not elsewhere, we hope and expect to perform soon (in 2011) in Holland and Germany !!!

The audience was quite violent and crazy, for the most of our shows.
As so far any gigs/tours planned for in a year or so?

Gigs yes, we have a few gigs booked again in Belgium and France, tours not…I think we’ll have no tours until we have a full lenght album released…let’s see, future will tell .

You are also active in a band called Horacle.Can you enlighten us abit in what style it's played?Is it a project or also a full-time band?And what does this line-up consist out?

It’s my second full time band, performing Heavy/Speed Metal in the vein of RUNNING WILD, old BLIND GUARDIAN, old IRON MAIDEN, OMEN ect…

I started it back in 1999 under the name of PANDEMONIUM, as a side project band and stopped it in 2001 due to a lack of time, too busy with Enthroned back at the time, and also lack of motivated and stable line-up. I restarted it together with David D.C. the lead guitarist, one of the best Heavy Metal guitarist from my region here, back at the end of 2007, we first have worked both together composing material and then complete a line-up in December 2008, Namroth Blackthorn the ex-Enthroned drummer joined HORACLE for a few months but left cause his new job doesn’t give him any free time to play music anymore, also another guitarist named Geoffrey joined and left a little time after cause he expected we play progressive stuffs and we don’t hehehehe.

« Larry » a singer joined as well « Dyno It » the second guitarist complete the line-up together with « Greg » in June 2009 and HORACLE recorded his first demo between February and April this year 2010.

The material is still not mixed cause we have problems with the guys who produced us, I really cannot say when the demo will be released !!!
The singer Larry has been fired in July this year 2010, due to his lack of work and application in the band
We’re now looking for a singer or maybe I’ll follow vocals courses and take back the lead vocals when I’ll feel ready and good enough to do it !!!!

We’re actually working on new compositions and studying wich is the best alternative for HORACLE if we’ll take a singer or if I’m taking the vocalist together with bass guitar post.

(To make an end to some of the rumours,and make it clear once and for all)All past releases came in a variant of brutal old-school BM intensity with some killer riffing and deadly solos.You have been working with some awesome musicians.How did it came so far you had to leave Enthroned?Or was it your own decision to leave the band?As Nornagest taking over the leading role as vocalist/guitarist.
How were your feeling about the ending of a such long time comradeship ending up in a drastic decision as this one.

Is simple, the relationship between Nornagest and myself has been degraded more and more with the wire of time, and it arrives to a point that we couldn’t stand each others for more than five minutes. This happens to many bands I think.

Yes, I have formed ENTHRONED with my best friend CERNNUNNOS, and I simply couldn’t support that Nornagest wanted to lead the things to himself, without asked me any suggestions, deciding things in my back, takin’over and over the direction of Enthroned without paying any respect for myself. When I decided to put a end to this rotten relations, it was too late, he protected the name of ENTHRONED under his own name, and bit the same story that happens with GORGOROTH and GOD SEED, except that myself I couldn’t go in justice due to a lack of money to take back the name of the band and continue it.

But now when I look back, I think I had to stop ENTHRONED already after Cernunnos death, just after the release of « Skullthrone » album, but at that I time the relations between Nornagest and myself was good and no problems and tensions appeared, so I wanted to continue the band in the memory of Cernunnos and specially because his familly wanted me the continue the adventure to keep alive his memory through the band releases.

Nobody and nothing couldn’t expect at that time a so bad future with huge degradations of relations between me and Nornagest, and couldn’t expect a final and irreversible separation.

Yes the decision was drastic as you said, but it was a liberation for me, free of constant unbearable situations and relations.
I needed to be out of all that shit, otherwise I should end by a murder or something very serious…
the best thing I could made is take it over and leaving all that rotten things behind, and restarting something new with totaly brandnew comrades.
It was a total sick of it all, I couln’t come back on my decision !!!!
Thanks alot for making time doing this interview,And all the best with Dawn Of Crucifixion!I am sure it will take over the world by force!!!

Thy final words...

Thanx Dan for this killer interview, and beware…I’M NOT DEAD nor IN ANOTHER WORLD !!!
I’m still here, the same as I’ve always been, equal to myself for years and years.

Thanx for your support and see you in Hell !!!!!


Links to some various live clips:

Dawn of Crucifixion ( Metz 7 11 2009 )

Dawn of Crucifixion ( Gembloux 01-05-2010 )